nik03 montature occhiali metallo cadore belluno produzione realizzazione

This is our Made in Italy.

The brand Nik03 was conceived in 2005 high in the mountains of Cadore. The idea was driven by the passion of it’s founders to create traditional hand crafted metal eyewear. In the last 15 years Nik03 has grown into a key reference point in the world of quality metal eyewear both in Italy and around the world.

Nik03 is a result of years of experience, research and creativity, in combination with artisan level quality and very precise attention to detail. Using the latest in technological advances, our objective is to provide the market with an outstanding alternative, both trustworthy and qualatively superior.

Our range of products are completely designed, developed and produced in Italy. The Nik03 collection includes eyewear produced in metal, either completely nickel free or plated in pure precious metals.


Nik03 collection
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